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Power of Habit

According to Charles Duhigg’s recanting of the scientific research, lousy habits can’t be eradicated. But they can be replaced. The cycle he describes rings true: Cue –> Routine –> Reward. Take the same cue, change up the routine and keep the reward. Fuel the cycle over and over again with Cravings.

Duhigg includes examples drawn from […]

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Distinguished Teachers, part 1

Last Tuesday I was privileged to be with a dozen professionals – award-winning public school teachers from across the state – to conclude work on a project that began in May. Their charge was straightforward: design recommendations for strengthening the teaching profession in Oregon.

Some teach in elementary schools, others in middle or high school. Their […]

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While driving to a meditation retreat, a friend and I got to chatting about William Bridges. It’s been years since I read my first Bridges book, Transitions, a bestseller on coping with change.

Thus another big-versus-small curiosity. Do little transitions of daily life matter less than major course-altering experiences? Wouldn’t the amassed effects of tiny transitions […]

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Living for the City

Monocle – an international publication that is to design what The Economist is to political economics – assembles an annual list of the top 25 global cities. Topping this year’s list are Zurich, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Melbourne, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland and Stockholm. Coming in at 22 is Portland, a hair ahead of San Francisco. […]

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