PortlandiaMonocle – an international publication that is to design what The Economist is to political economics – assembles an annual list of the top 25 global cities. Topping this year’s list are Zurich, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Melbourne, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland and Stockholm. Coming in at 22 is Portland, a hair ahead of San Francisco. “The US Northwest’s micro-metropolis shines itself up for a new era,” notes Monocle, referencing among other things the upcoming mayoral election.

“A big small town,” is how Margie, my college roommate, labeled Portland in the 1980’s. I love that it still is. Accessible. Collaborative. Welcoming its newcomers and celebrating its bright stars. A culture for outdoor enthusiasts and environmental activists. Winder weather aside, the only thing notably missing from Portland is a hard core research-based think tank, ala Boston.