“Enlightenment is not for the faint of heart.” Thus goes one of my favorite sayings at my meditation school. Another is NBY – not born yesterday. Keeping one’s head in the sand isn’t just boring. It keeps us stuck in a non-reality that’s going no where fast.

I was turned around this week by Terry Gross’s interview of Tig Notaro. Jolted. Riveted. Tig is a young comedian who takes the mic at Largo in L.A. and delivers a routine conceived two hours earlier in the shower, and days after a diagnosis of dual breast cancer. If I’d been among the 300-person audience, I probably would have been forever changed. Seriously, no one should miss this. Raw. Authentic. Into the places no one wants to go to, Tig innocently wanders.

When exploration is real – not buffered, not packaged, without mental safety guards – genuine breakthrough awaits. It just won’t be the breakthroughs our minds are rigged to crave.