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The Golden Moment

Thirty-one miles outside of Portland in Scappoose, OR, a world-renown design studio generates over-sized puppets and sets. Michael Curry and his team conjure and build for animated movies, Broadway productions, Cirque du Soleil, Olympic games, touring superstars and … you get the picture. Last year he spoke at TEDx, hosted by Concordia University.

Twelve minutes into […]

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To reflect or not to reflect

Taking stock. Navel gazing. Marking milestones. Learning from experience.

For many, reflecting on the past feels like a waste. It’s irritating. Speed is imperative so after any accomplishment it’s on to the next goal. Others languish as they look back, tethered to what was while missing what could be. When it comes to reflecting on our […]

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Rapid Cycle

This post isn’t about cycling (though cycling lends itself beautifully to the technique outlined below).

This fall I co-led six Rapid Cycle Improvement teams in local public schools. The focus was on improving attendance for students who chronically miss school. The reasons kids don’t come to school are widely varied. Research suggests the solution lies in […]

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