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Virtual meetings: the Lamborgini edge

Two weeks ago a partnership I work with faced a complex task. It involved delicate decision-making and they had to tackle it in a virtual meeting. Nearly all fourteen participants prepped in advance. But until they had heard from one another on the call, any decision would be premature.

In the end, the group got the […]

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Virtual meetings: Getting to the Point

The sensory intake you enjoyed (or endured) in conference rooms has vanished. At least for the time being. Now you enter virtual meetings to get business done. Others have written about the adjustment, the fatigue, the limitations. Virtual meeting rooms clearly are a different beast.

Have you noticed the range in people’s comfort level, aptitude and, […]

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Creating in times of crisis

What does it look and feel like to create in a crisis?

Like clockwork each week, three strategists hop on a one-hour Zoom call. It’s very early in Malaysia so one is drinking Diet Coke to wake up. It’s evening in Washington, D.C. where another has a glass of wine her husband pours for her to […]

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