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Breakthrough via collaboration

Photo by Debbie Hudson at Throughout history people have been motivated to band together. To build villages, trade and barter, rebel against injustice. And, create. Today there’s debate about whether collaboration is wearing out ambitious professionals in matrixed organizations. Fair enough. Coordinating with others can take longer than making decisions on your [...]

Take note

Ideas. Impressions. Details that shouldn't be lost to memory. How can we go from catch-and-release to mining and curating? Draw. Scribble. Scratch a doodle. Don't know how? Fear not! One of my worst grade school moments happened in art class. Our teacher said to copy Van Gogh's self portrait. It looked simple enough. I did [...]

Soft power

In business we talk about using influence instead of wielding authority. Can things get done with tactics of persuasion instead of title gravity? Translate that notion to the international stage. How can we measure soft power (coined by Joseph Nye), in contrast to military might? And why does it even matter? Kudos to Monocle, published [...]

The Creative Exchange

Take an executive. Add a highly regarded artist. Set them down to kick around big ideas about creativity and innovation. Toss in a little Portland flavor. Do it two more times and see where it leads at BCA’s Creative Exchange. Here’s a tasty morsel.

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