Creating in times of crisis

What does it look and feel like to create in a crisis?

Like clockwork each week, three strategists hop on a one-hour Zoom call. It’s very early in Malaysia so one is drinking Diet Coke to wake up. It’s evening in Washington, D.C. where another has a glass of wine her husband pours for her to […]

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Are you a fixer or creator?

Professionally speaking I’m not a content expert. It’s the process of creating that interests me. For example, the way a board of directors defines strategic direction. How existing teams accomplish new things together. The motivation behind big collaborations chipping away together at gnarly social challenges.

I get called to fix things. But at heart, I’m a […]

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Ask beautiful questions

Solutions are nice. Questions are better. The quality of our questions shapes not only the answers available to us, but our entire life. Asking great questions will change a person’s trajectory.

If you want to get to the root of any tough situation, you’ll ask hard questions, the ones you’d rather avoid because you instinctively know […]

Meditation: Good for Business, Better for You

I had no idea what I was in for when I decided to make meditation a habit. And yet I genuinely craved a classic habit, “a regular tendency, especially one that is hard to give up.” For this, I needed a technique with stickability. I needed experiences so helpful, so definitive and so repeatable that […]

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Marco Polo: close or far?

Podcasts and pool games. Do they have anything in common? I stumbled on one commonality when I listened to a recent episode of the Slate Political Gabfest, one of my favorite weeklies. David Plotz hosts with regulars John Dickerson and Emily Baselon. Every few months they stage a live audience conundrum show. December’s included participation […]

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Start with genuinely seeing

The simple act of sitting down with a client at the start of a new project is invigorating. In remarkably short order a rich field of vision opens for genuinely seeing. Events leading to the project’s formation, the motivation of people in the room and beyond, specific examples of alignment or conflict — it is […]

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Analytics and artistry

Fresh out the door after hearing David Howitt’s inspired talk, I’m mulling several of his ideas. The tyranny of ‘or’ versus the power of ‘and.’ Profit plus Purpose. And my favorite, Analytics and Artistry.

David is Founder & CEO of The Meriwether Group. He was alert enough at 7:30 a.m. to both talk about and role […]

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When asked the key to fruitful collaboration, Yo-Yo Ma begins with, “two words: ego management.” He elaborates in a short piece in June’s Harvard Business Review.

“It’s easy to get locked into ‘in my world’ or ‘this is the way I see it,’ so you have to move your brain to a more spongelike state, as […]

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The meeting crashers

Say you’re in a meeting. Information is flowing. Ideas are exchanged. Decisions reached. There’s a particular dynamism. Everyone exits with a sense of momentum. You’re left with more energy for the next task than you had before the meeting began.

Another day, another meeting. This one moves in fits and starts. The flow is gone. Cohesion […]

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A place to rest

A ten-year anniversary is fast approaching. It marks a life-changing decision by my BFF. She’d always longed to live in a temple. So she moved from the west coast to the east coast and took up permanent residence in a spiritual retreat center. Her new temple mates didn’t immediately warm to her. It made for […]

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