Reunion reflections

In June I returned to the Berkshires. Aside from the warm smiles of classmates, the happy embraces, the stories of triumph and loss, the late night dancing and the reveal of inner desires met or unmet, I was moved by several insights. Here are a few from the Reunion weekend romp.

1. We were driven when […]

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Rapid Cycle

This post isn’t about cycling (though cycling lends itself beautifully to the technique outlined below).

This fall I co-led six Rapid Cycle Improvement teams in local public schools. The focus was on improving attendance for students who chronically miss school. The reasons kids don’t come to school are widely varied. Research suggests the solution lies in […]

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It’s how they roll. And connect.

I find it oddly satisfying when an (unconscious) assumption gets revealed, tossed by the wayside and a more accurate depiction of reality takes over. It’s disarming. In the best possible way. A sign of growth. Plasticity. Maturity at being persuadable.

Here’s the set up.

A few days ago I was at a Ninth Grade Counts collaborative meeting. […]

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Prezi Power

Buh-bye, PowerPoint. Telling stories is a easier with Prezi. It captures audience attention from the start and holds it to the end, fluidly moving in and out of complex narratives.

This presentation came together in about four hours to recap the journey of the Ready for Kindergarten Collaborative – one of four Collaboratives in the All […]

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Distinguished Teachers, part 2

As follow up to my August 2012 posting on the Distinguished Educators Council (DEC), I’m pleased to share that their work is drawing attention in Salem this legislative session. At the highest level, their recommendations for helping Oregon become a great place to teach and learn are to:

1. Emphasize classroom experience and effective mentors in […]

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I may be partial to the word collaboration because the last twelve months of my life have been immersed in large groups called Collaboratives. Still, I am appreciating Thomas Friedman’s compare-and-contrast essay, “Collaborate v. Collaborate.” He thinks business has a leg up on D.C. and “… it’s a big reason that Silicon Valley is thriving […]

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Distinguished Teachers, part 1

Last Tuesday I was privileged to be with a dozen professionals – award-winning public school teachers from across the state – to conclude work on a project that began in May. Their charge was straightforward: design recommendations for strengthening the teaching profession in Oregon.

Some teach in elementary schools, others in middle or high school. Their […]

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