Three reasons to ditch strategy reports

Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash Strategic planning without reams of strategy reports? Sounds like heresy. What would people do without documented research, colorful graphs, proof of deep and thoughtful dialog and a detailed plan to move forward? Well, what do you do with it? (Hint: file it, toss it, circulate it [...]

Breakthrough via collaboration

Photo by Debbie Hudson at Throughout history people have been motivated to band together. To build villages, trade and barter, rebel against injustice. And, create. Today there’s debate about whether collaboration is wearing out ambitious professionals in matrixed organizations. Fair enough. Coordinating with others can take longer than making decisions on your [...]

Simple, intuitive and pleasurable

Of what do I write? Could it be today's new Apple release? A spirited podcast? Some trendy relaxation technique? Design thinking. I read this month's HBR spotlight articles on the evolution of design thinking with childlike exuberance. Countless nuggets, each valuable on their own and collectively invaluable. Such as ... foster strategic conversations that recognize [...]

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