Icebreakers can do more than break the ice

If you think of icebreakers as perfunctory, maybe even a waste of time, I'd like to persuade you otherwise. Sure, I've been in meetings when leaders lobbed drab questions everyone had to answer. They did so halfheartedly. And, I've watched charismatic leaders rouse a room out of early morning fog with thought-provoking questions and playful [...]

Cognitive biases: how the mind skews reality

Photo by D Ross Decades ago scientists didn't know that the brain's neural pathways can keep growing. Now they understand neural networks play a key role in lifelong learning. Meanwhile, behavioral researchers have been studying how the human mind approaches decision-making, with findings that cast light on the cognitive biases that are nearly [...]

Three reasons to ditch strategy reports

Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash Strategic planning without reams of strategy reports? Sounds like heresy. What would people do without documented research, colorful graphs, proof of deep and thoughtful dialog and a detailed plan to move forward? Well, what do you do with it? (Hint: file it, toss it, circulate it [...]

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