Icebreakers can do more than break the ice

If you think of icebreakers as perfunctory, maybe even a waste of time, I'd like to persuade you otherwise. Sure, I've been in meetings when leaders lobbed drab questions everyone had to answer. They did so halfheartedly. And, I've watched charismatic leaders rouse a room out of early morning fog with thought-provoking questions and playful [...]

Bold move

"Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, talks about the challenge of knowing whether to persevere or pivot. Does one charge ahead with a vision even if evidence, or lack thereof, points to early warning signs? How does anyone know the right time to shift gears, [...]


While driving to a meditation retreat, a friend and I got to chatting about William Bridges. It’s been years since I read my first Bridges book, Transitions, a bestseller on coping with change. Thus another big-versus-small curiosity. Do little transitions of daily life matter less than major course-altering experiences? Wouldn’t the amassed effects of tiny [...]

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