Perils of comfort

Children need comfort when they fall. Lovers need comfort for their broken hearts. Families need comfort after the loss of parents, siblings or loved ones. Comfort soothes, restores and connects us. It is precious and admittedly in too short supply in so many corners of the planet.

Last month I was in California for a meditation […]

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Labeling what we do

What do you tell people you do for a living? This question is up because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I do professionally.

I don’t recall puzzling over it this much since 1998, when I was reading Dreams Into Action, a brilliant book for creatives written by Broadway and movie director Milton Katselas. […]

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Bold move

“Boldness be my friend.” ~ William Shakespeare
Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, talks about the challenge of knowing whether to persevere or pivot. Does one charge ahead with a vision even if evidence, or lack thereof, points to early warning signs? How does anyone know the right time to shift gears, change […]

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Word muscle

I’ve been an editor, a writer, a speech maker and presenter. Through words and visuals I steer groups in their own exploration and decision-making. The more I read, listen, write and talk, the more I appreciate the distinction between powerful and mediocre communication.

The right words in the right amount pass something far more than language. […]

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Having heart

The intricacies of the heart, as organ, are a wonder. Cardiac surgeons must have one of the best jobs on the planet (ranking right up there with, well, brain surgeons). But the energetic heart is no less of a wonder. And everyone can claim to have had profound experiences in matters of the heart …

The […]

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Power of Habit

According to Charles Duhigg’s recanting of the scientific research, lousy habits can’t be eradicated. But they can be replaced. The cycle he describes rings true: Cue –> Routine –> Reward. Take the same cue, change up the routine and keep the reward. Fuel the cycle over and over again with Cravings.

Duhigg includes examples drawn from […]

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While driving to a meditation retreat, a friend and I got to chatting about William Bridges. It’s been years since I read my first Bridges book, Transitions, a bestseller on coping with change.

Thus another big-versus-small curiosity. Do little transitions of daily life matter less than major course-altering experiences? Wouldn’t the amassed effects of tiny transitions […]

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Living for the City

Monocle – an international publication that is to design what The Economist is to political economics – assembles an annual list of the top 25 global cities. Topping this year’s list are Zurich, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Melbourne, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland and Stockholm. Coming in at 22 is Portland, a hair ahead of San Francisco. […]

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The Readiness Project

You feel something in the offing. But you can’t tell exactly what it is. Or when it will arrive. Forcing doesn’t help. You wait (impatiently if you’re a Type A, dreaming of ways to speed it up). It doesn’t feel like time is on your side. But what if it is?

Preparing yourself to meet your […]

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