The shortest distance between two points is Straight Talk

There are lots of ways to talk around an issue.

Only straight talk will resolve it.

Organizations in transition or at a critical pivot point need clarity.

They talk to Kira, they find clarity.


Kira has been a terrific thought partner on key projects. She is a gifted strategic thinker who listens carefully, is able to sift through lots of complex information, and get to the heart of the matter. Her strategic recommendations are clear, focused, and actionable.
René Léger, Former Executive Director of Employers for Education Excellence and Consultant/Professional Coach
It was clear from the start that I was in good care. Kira’s attentiveness and synthesis were real assets in this research. Putting someone on the phone with your core customers is a scary thing. Knowing that there was a foundation of trust with Kira and that she’d be using her superior intuition allowed me to relax into the process.
Lisa Donoughe, Founder & Principal, Watershed Communications
Kira has the amazing ability to unearth, clarify, and synthesize big ideas and big questions. In a structural consultation session she did for me personally, her guidance helped me vision my way through a challenging question, holding space so I could bring my most authentic self to the process.
Kimberly Howard, Artist and Community Engagement Strategist

I’ve watched Kira inside councils and collective impact teams. She lays out a clear process without being rigid and generates results born of clarity, not coercion. The way Kira frames possibilities helps shift perspective and open eyes.

Susheela Jayapal, Multnomah County Commissioner


From time to time, organizations and the people within them can feel a bit stuck — or they need to make sure they don’t get stuck in the first place. After all, it’s better to prevent a difficult situation than to deal with it after the fact.

They are looking for answers, and often they don’t know what questions to ask.

They don’t always find the clarity they thought they were looking for, but they find the clarity they need.

The object is to arrive at some kind of truth. The journey is not always comfortable, but it is essential. It certainly beats the alternative.

Portfolio of Clients

Based in U.S.: 100%
Councils and teams: 85%
Leaders: 100%




Kira HiggsFounder & Principal
Kira has been advising leaders and executives since the early days of her career. She helps develop innovation and strategy by using the principles of structural dynamics. As a certified Structural Consultant, Kira unlocks the ideas and thinking of her clients and constructs a clear path forward.
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For bigger projects, an exceptional cadre of writers, designers, project managers and developers is on hand.